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A Feeling of Côte D'Azur

Feel the wind in your hair.
Your new car leans into the curves of the narrow coastal road. You can feel the sun tingling your skin. A salty breeze blows through the interior. You don’t need to be on the Côte d’Azur to experience such a feeling of freedom and luxury. With a panorama roof you can also feel the summer wind in your hair on the Baltic or Black Sea coast.

Enjoy it with a panorama roof from Webasto.

Fly High Like in New York.

Experience the lights of the city above you.
Your new car rolls along the most famous streets of the world. Time and again the sun flashes across your face as you pass the imposing buildings. You don’t have to go to New York to sense the flair of a metropolis and experience the upper class city lifestyle. Conquer Moscow and St. Petersburg too – and see the lights of the city as they pass right above you.

Experience all this with a panorama roof from Webasto.

Light is Luxury.

Treat yourself to it.
You can feel your skin tingling. Your body is releasing feel-good hormones. Sunlight inspires your good mood and puts a smile on your face. Enjoy every kilometer in your car just that little bit more. A panorama roof not only gives you more light – it underlines your stylish and exclusive taste when you’re buying your next new car.

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Perfection Down to the Last Detail.

Safe. Exclusive. For all top brands.

Experience the German art of engineering.

Discover a New World!

Enquire about a panorama roof when you buy your next car.
A luxury that you can afford.

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Discover the Potential!

Panorama roofs are a symbol of luxury and prosperity. They are the perfect upgrade for the Russian market.
Most drivers would like a sunroof or panorama roof. The potential extra driving pleasure is enormous. It will pay you to expand your equipment package.
We’ll prove it to you!